Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research

Intensive Research In Sri Aurobindo’s Major Works

“You came to earth to learn to know yourself.Read Sri Aurobindo’s books and look carefully within yourself as deeply as you can.”

The Mother


Sri Aurobindo’s books attract many a scholar and devotees for the eloquence and novelty of thought. Yet they present difficulty in grasping not only for their English but also for the content and consciousness packed in them. However, mentored study of his vast and varied works could facilitate their deeper understanding. It is with this view that SACAR launches “intensive” research in Sri Aurobindo’s major works: The Life Divine, Savitri, The Synthesis of Yoga, The Human Cycle, Foundations of Indian Culture, Essays on the Gita.

I. Objectives:

II. Research Design:

These intensive researches would be of different duration

The difference in these researches is only of the quantity of the study. The shorter research will have restricted width of study as compared to the longer ones. There are pre-designed courses as part of the research, but one can opt for his/her own choice of a specific topic based on any one of the above mentioned books. In case of your choosing a topic, a new course will have to be designed to suit the purpose.

The acceptance of the topic suggested in the Application Form by the candidate is subject to the Director’s approval.

III. Activities during the Intensive Research Period:

IV. Requirements

V. Outcome:

Candidates will have to write research papers on the topics chosen for the study with the help of the supervisor. These papers could be considered for publication in New Race e-journal brought out by SACAR

VI. Facilities at SACAR:

VII. Time to join the research: Any day from 1st July 2015

A candidate is free to join anytime he/she wishes to come and study at SACAR.

Candidate may choose any of the three research durations. There is no sequential order to the same. However, for the Advanced Research a basic knowledge of Sri Aurobindo’s thought is required.

VIII. Flexibility:

In case of any emergency the candidate may avail a week’s leave during the Minor research. For Major and Advanced Researches, the period of leave would be two and three weeks respectively.

IX. Registration:

Registration would be confirmed only on the payment of the fees for the chosen research as per the schedule given below. All payments are non-refundable. (Fees differ for Indian and foreign students)

Payment Schedule

X. Eligibility:

The candidate should have a good command over English to be able to write a paper and should be willing to study intensively at SACAR.

XI. Accommodation:

Rooms available at SACAR Guest House:

Single, Double and Triple; A/C – single and double rooms (Tariff: A/C single room Rs. 500, Double AC Rs. 800)

During the research the rooms are given to the candidates on a subsidized rate.If you choose to stay in the AC room, the regular charges will have to be borne by the candidate.

For accommodation details and A/C room tariff please write to Ms.


Early registration would be appreciated so that the syllabus may be prepared according to the student’s requirements and other arrangements made to avoid any last minute confusion.

For queries please contact: