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"Living Within" Study Camps

Our Inspiration:

“What must be done to pull the country out of its difficulty? Sri Aurobindo has foreseen all the troubles and he has given the solution… his teaching could be spread all over the country with a little more organising—so that his ideas get spread. Those people who are interested can take it up and teach it, hold meetings and give the light and the knowledge to the people.”

– The Mother (CWM 15: 405)

Our Initiation

“Living Within” study camps are held every month at SACAR to facilitate a deeper and dedicate study of any particular theme from the writings of Sri Aurobindo. The speaker chooses a topic and also chooses the span of the camp which ranges from 2- 5 days. Essentially it allows the candidate to live in the SACAR campus and study. One may choose from a range of topics and the dates uploaded on the website from time to time. Participants may also contribute in various measures not only by coming themselves but by bringing their own groups and becoming organizers for such camps.

Options for organizing Camps at SACAR

Camps organised by SACAR:

Camps organised by a team leader:


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