Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research

Online Courses


The online courses offered at SACAR have been especially designed keeping in view that there are many seekers who wish to study the works of Sri Aurobindo systematically but are bound by distance and time to take on a full-fledged course by living on the campus. The online forum allows the individual to sit at home and study under the guidance of the facilitator who is available online.



These are certificate courses of 12 weeks each. They cover almost all the major works of Sri Aurobindo. If the student or a group of students has a special demand to study any specific course, we also design it according to his or her needs.



Our approach to teaching-learning is inter-disciplinary. Sri Aurobindo with his wide and vast vision has written on such varied subjects that nearly all the major disciplines of Arts and Humanities and a few of the Sciences and Management find their place of study and deeper analysis in his writings.



Essentially we believe that a teacher does not teach but only facilitates the learner to dig deeper into the area of his/her interest. Therefore, we address our teachers as facilitators. They are a group of highly qualified scholars of the works of Sri Aurobindo and have done a good deal of work in their own chosen field.